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Branding Page

In order to signify a brand name from a company, we developed the Branding Page. Here you can show people what it is like working for a company, without interfering with the marketing for collections for that company. Also other information about the company, such as its different labels, statistics, history, video or images, it’s all possible.

Examples: Adidas, Veldhoven, Peek & Cloppenburg, Grupo Cortefiel.

Images supplied need to be high resolution 300dpi and can be supplied in JPG, PDF, TIFF, GIF format. Logo’s are best supplied in SVG format. (see > SVG logo)


  • Logo’s are best supplied in SVG format. You can check this link.
  • Header images are best size 2200x400px. If header images are carousel, we have limited maximum number of 4 images.
  • Other images are minimum size of 1200px wide, any height | minimum resolution of 72dpi | BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTER


  • We can embed videos from Youtube or Vimeo – all we need is a link and of course for the embedding option to be turned on for the specific video.
  • We can of course link to any social media account possible. For the most common ones, we have logos ready for use, but if you need a link to a slightly lesser known medium, please supply a vector oriented logo for that as well.


  • In the current template of the branding pages, we’ve limited the maximum number of tabs to 5. We strongly advise against the use of subnavigation because this works against better SEO results. Instead we advise to write your texts in such a way, that they are easily understandable and navigatable with the 5 tabs.


  • If a non-standard font is used, a licenced version has to be supplied. If that cannot be submitted, we always use a font as similar to it as possible via Google Fonts.
  • We have limited maximum number of different fonts to 2 in one page.


We deploy banners in various image and file sizes. Here’s an overview:

Banner NameFormat (px)Max File Size (kB)File Type
Work for Brands150 x 5020SVG only
Leaderboard728 x 9060
Billboard970 x 9060
Billboard970 x 25060
Mobile Rectangle320 x 24060
Medium Rectangle300 x 25060
Half Page300 x 60060
Newsletter600 x 9060
File TypesDFP Creative Type
TXT or HTMLThird-party or DoubleClick tag
HTML5html5-bundle †

A destination URL must also be provided.

† When building your HTML5 zip bundle, please follow the following requirements:

  1. HTML5 creatives must be SSL compatible to serve to HTTPS sites.
  2. When using Google Web Designer to build HTML5 creatives, be sure to select “DoubleClick” as the environment.

For a complete overview of HTML5 requirements for DFP, please check DFP Support.

Sponsored Message texts need to be supplied in a .txt or Word file. Please mark the TITLE and, if applicable, LINKS clearly (including target URL). Image size: at least 800 x 500 px, 72 dpi, but preferably larger than that. Definitely NOT smaller.

Tips for advertorials/native promotional content on FashionUnited

Which stories are well read?

1. News
FashionUnited is first and foremost a news platform, so our readers visit FashionUnited mainly to stay informed and up to date. Articles are short and to-the-point and the reader knows straight away what the text is about. At the same time, stories never stand alone, using the tag pages or related stories interested readers will continue reading about your brand or business. This means that multiple short stories highlighting different angles from your business usually work better than putting everything together in one lengthy text.

Possible news-related stories for advertorials:

  • New shop, new brand, new line, new people, new collaborations, new office, new technical developments, new tools;
  • New clients, (retail) customers;
  • New initiatives to support (retail) customers or staff.

The results of anything ‘new’ can also make news:
I.e. The results of the new shop, brand, line, people, collaborations, office, initiatives.

2. Bestsellers and Success stories
FashionUnited is read by fashion professionals and fashion is their business. Therefore, they are highly interested to read what works well for other fashion businesses.

Possible bestseller-related stories for advertorials:

  • Bestselling product, bestselling collection, bestselling (retail) customer;
  • Bestselling sales person (sharing tips & tricks);
  • Successful user case stories;
  • Successful employee stories, showcase your own people that share their passion for their work and your company;
  • Interesting (third party) hacks.

3. Explainers and FAQ’s
Similar to bestsellers, but explaining a bit more what works well for your business to inform (and show off to) other fashion businesses / professionals. FashionUnited also serves as a reference point for readers as well as a fact finding or research tool.

Possible explainer stories for advertorials:

  • How we get the best people (and keep them)?
  • How we improved our sustainability as a business (hurdles and successes)?
  • How we survived a rough patch?
  • How we support our (retail) customers?
  • Frequently asked questions; standard customer onboarding; company history