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Platform support

Marketplace can connect to almost any platform via product feeds in CSV, XML or JSON format. API’s are also supported. Don’t worry if your system is not listed here, we can probably still support it.

No Platform?

Don’t have a b2b webshop or ERP to get your data from? We got you! We provide a backend (Magento) where you can manually upload and update your products as well.


Channable is an integration platform which has a plethora of options. Among which FashionUnited Export channel is preferred, as this is exactly what we need. Click here for step by step instructions for generating a product feed.


B2B webshop platform, supported via API.

  • Request an API key for FashionUnited from your Centra account manager.


B2B webshop platform, supported via API.

  • Request an API key for FashionUnited from your Itsperfect account manager.


eCommerce platform, supported via plugins. A product feed can be setup via (one of) the following:

  • Extension: Product Feed Export (Magento 2) by XTENTO[^1]. For an instruction of product feed export, click here.
  • Other extensions supporting the Google Shopping Format


eCommerce platform, supported via CSV, URL/ XML (with plugin). A product feed can be setup via (one of) the following:

For a step-by-step instruction on how to generate your first product feed, click here.

For a step-by-step instruction on how to export Shopify product CSV’s, click here.

Shopware 6

Shopware 6 is an open-source e-commerce platform designed to create customizable and scalable online stores. To export your data in CSV format, navigate to the Export tab within your Shopware 6 dashboard.


Free eCommerce platform. It is a B2C eCommerce platform first and foremost, but has a B2B mode as well.

  • For instructions on how to export a PrestaShop file to a CSV file, click here.
  • For a Google Shopping Feed extension, click here.
  • For an allround Feed Manager extension, click here.


eCommerce platform, supported via CSV, URL/ XML. The product feed can be set with the following tools:


B2B eCommerce platform helping brands deliver a wholesale process. For instructions how to export your product data, click here.


Wholesale platform for fashion. To find JOOR integrations, click here.


WooCommerce is the official eCommerce plugin for WordPress-based websites. This open-source eCommerce plugin designed for merchants of all sizes. It offers an extensive plugin library that allows you to customize your online shop. Preferred feed generating option for WooCommerce is the JSON format. For this Product feed, the Consumer key and consumer secret information is required. Click here for instructions.

  • For other feed generating options, click here.
  • For a product CSV importer and exporter, click here.


EffectConnect is a marketplace integrator with extensive knowledge in the field of marketplace automation and a focus on understanding our customers’ needs. They often hear that our customers spend too much time and money on creating feeds for all the different platforms. That is why they developed the Feed Manager.

The user-friendly Feed Manager by EffectConnect enables quick and easy product display on feed-based channels such as FashionUnited.

As source data, you can use:

  • our FashionUnited template
  • XML or CSV files as source data, or we import it via API
  • existing data in your webshop. You can simply integrate your shop to EffectConnect and use this data in your product feeds or for automated sales on marketplaces

How to create a quality data feed?

A data feed is a file that consists of a list of products divided into groups of attributes, which describe the products in a unique way. Find out how you can create quality data feeds that help you increase your conversion rate.

Creating a feed in 5 minutes

Our Feed Manager has clear instruction video’s in each step, so you can easily set up feeds yourself. Have a look at this blog post, which includes a 5 minute video about creating a feed in our Feed Manager.


Lengow is an eCommerce feed Management Platform that helps online retailer and brands find the right marketing channels to scale, optimise and automate all online activity. Currently the options are:

  • The Google Shopping Export Channel, click here for instructions.
  • Other Channels you already have developed with Lengow might also be usable, let us know and we can validate.


Most systems can be hooked up to the Marketplace, contact support with the details of your system to get connected.

[^1] Example - we are not affiliated with these extension developers in any way.