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Cloudflare WARP / Zero Trust (VPN alternative)

Cloudflare WARP is used at FashionUnited to secure and speed up connections. It uses the principle of “Zero Trust” to make the network more secure. One example where we use it is which needs extra security to protect it from hackers and other unauthorized access.

Check if it is already working: and


Install Cloudflare WARP client

These are both linked from the official Cloudflare WARP Client page.


Enable Cloudflare Warp on MacOS

1. Go to Cog icon / settings > Preferences

2. Go to Account tab

and Click “Login to Cloudflare Zero Trust”

4. Enter team name fashionunited

5. A browser opens, login with your FashionUnited Google account.

Afterwards, this success message will show.

6. Now open the WARP client again and you should see the “Zero Trust” screens.

Read these and continue.

7. Click “Connect” and you’re done.