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FashionUnited for Websites

Fashionunited for Websites is a suite of embeddable widgets, buttons, and client-side scripting tools to integrate Fashionunited and display jobs on your website or JavaScript application, including Embedded Jobs.

Embedded Job Accordion

(Embed jobs on your site, loaded from our API)

With this API one can easily display jobs on one’s own website while the jobs are being hosted by us. This allows people to not worry about having to setup an infrastructure to handle vacancies and also generates far more traffic than publishing jobs on their own website.

Some examples:

Asics Branding Page, SMCP Branding Page, VF Branding Page, GAB

To place this API in your own website, all you need to do is paste a bit of code on any page or site you want for it to display. It is in fact more easy than embedding a YouTube video.

<script src="" async=""></script>

Bare minimum code for job embedder. Add locale and profile ID (to be generated by FashionUnited). Styling can be adapted to match any site design.

data-category="Design & Creative"
<script src="" async=""></script>

Optional fields that can be added.


  • data-locales: Comma separated list of locales to be displayed, all meteor job board locales if ommitted

  • data-category: Name of category to be displayed, possible values:

    • “Design & Creative”,
    • “Internships”,
    • “Other”,
    • “Product & Supply Chain”,
    • “Retail Management & In-store”,
    • “Sales & Marketing”
  • data-profile_id: mongodb _id of the profile to be displayed (to be generated by FashionUnited)

  • data-keywords: keywords to filter on (same as you would type it in the search field in the meteor job board)

  • data-limit: number of jobs to be displayed (default is 10)

  • data-skip: number of jobs to be skipped (for pagination)

  • data-component: which component to use when displaying jobs:

    • “CompanyJobs”: show the jobs for an external company page (default).
    • ”HomePageJobs”: show jobs for our home pages.
    • ”SearchJobs”: add a search box to the CompanyJobs.


Jobs Embedder

Get the ID from the dashboard. Profiles > edit. The ID is in the URL. Set the limit to 100 jobs to show all the jobs for most companies. For those that have more, it is not recommended to set this higher as the load would increase and the page will slow down.


data-profile_id is used for selecting the company. FashionUnited can provide you with your company profile ID.

Third-party site

<div class="fu-embed-jobs" data-component="CompanyJobs" data-locales="en-US,nl-NL" data-limit="5" data-profile_id="Y6Maua8gHEFRHuQTN"></div>

Simplified example, Pandora

Third-party site

<div class="fu-embed-jobs" data-component="CompanyJobs" data-limit="5" data-profile_id="KfcXaKxq4XXjbeefY"></div>

News Embedder


Third-party site

To embed a list of 5 news articles from about Pandora, use the following code:

<div class="fu-news-embed" data-field="fashionunitedComNewsArticles" data-keywords="pandora,pandora-related," data-limit="5"></div>